Moonlight Buckskin Purse with Soft Stones

$ 195.00

The second bag is made of a thicker buckskin. It has a pretty tan hue to it. It is adorned with softer stones from a bit south of Cambria near Los Osos. I made most of this bag too but Helen put Olivella shells on the ends of the bottom fringe. They make a beautiful sound which you can hear a little of in the video. The soft stone bag, these stones will take on oils and such as you use it and gather a patina, measures about 7" in length. It's width is around 4" too, so the bags are very similar in size. The bottom fringe on the soft stone bag is longer so when it is counted in the total length that equals 14" from top to bottom. The strap, which is also hand braided buckskin, when fully extended measures around 25' from the top so it is a little shorter than the hard stone bag. Shipping is included in the price.

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