Earth Pearls / Moqui Marbles Necklace

$ 400.00

Moqui marbles, also known as Shaman Stones, are anciently formed sandstone surrounded by an iron shell. My own name for them is Earth Pearls. They have sisters on Mars known as Martian Blueberries. I found these in the Arizona wilderness and made this necklace on our home made leather.

It is said Moqui marbles have been used by shamanic tribes for centuries all over the world and they have many special properties. They are good friends helping with a sense of belonging, with energy / Qi alignment, relief of blockages, grounding and centering, protection, balance with self and the earth, and even contact with the star people. Amongst many many more things! I had know idea what special friends I has stumbled across.

This princess length strand of 84 iron pearls is 18" inches long. And it is just over a 1/4" of an inch at its widest. The clasp is made from a stone I hand carved and they all reside on our homemade leather. 

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