Sunshine Buckskin Purse with Hard Stones

$ 225.00

This purse is made with hard stones from up near Cambria, they're like little jewels. The buckskin, which we tanned, is amazingly soft and goes from light tan to a darker tan. The purse flap, which is adorned, has a cool square pattern that lays well over the body of the purse. The strap is hand braided, hand cut buckskin as well. Every piece and part, save for the stones were made by us. We collected the stones, one by one, looking for colors and shapes. This purse measures 7" in length and is about 4" wide. Including the fringe it's about 11" long. The strap when pulled long is 28" from the top of the purse. You can see how it sits on Helen, sort of a hip rider, low rider. Shipping is included in the price. 

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