Traditional Bow Drill Friction Fire Set

$ 75.00

We offer custom made bow drill friction fire kits. These kits are totally functional, fashionable, all natural and hand made. I collect all of the materials myself from different environments I visit. With practice and patience you can learn to make fire from your natural surroundings. It is a worthwhile endeavor. These kits are great as gifts and for young people as well. The pictures here are examples of kits I have made in the past. Please send a message through our site if you would like to discuss what kind of kit you would like. When rib bones are not available I hand carve wood bows. Both are equal in their quality. Kits include a bow, a fire-board/hearth, two drills, a rock hand hold, a brain tan buckskin rope and the inner bark of the Cottonwood tree for tinder. I am available for classes, private lessons and foraging missions to collect your own kit.

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