About Us

We are tHe nAtuRaL fReE hUmaN bEinGs

We make custom one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces. We spend a lot of time in nature where we find answers for nourishment, medicine, laws, education, fun, inspiration, guidance, power, and protection. In nature we collect rocks and other treasures and bring them to people in the form of jewelry art pieces. These art pieces are totems of these answers for people to reconnect with their own nature and the natural world. They are reminders we are not separate from anyone or anything. Every stone has a soul and these art pieces have intended people to find, those they belong to. By bringing these objects of beauty, power, healing and guidance to people, we encourage more kinship toward each other and all of magnificent creation.

As individuals we are Helen and Soren. We are both from California yet we met in the deciduous woodlands of central Virginia. Presently we live in the Ojai Valley of Southern California. Awhay (Ojai), in the traditional Chumash culture which resided here for as long as anyone can remember, means Moon. The mountain range here is unique as it sits east to west. The moon rises at the east end of the valley and sets in the west. It is a sacred place. One day, while wandering and foraging here, Soren was given the idea to make art from the things we find on our treks.

We hand make our deerskin leather, also known as buckskin. The deer have been harvested either directly by Soren or his friend David. They are both skilled and conscientious hunters who leave no part of the deer to waste. We respect the deer and all of life. We see hunting as a part of the natural human process of acquiring food here on Earth. Each deer has been honored, apologized to, thanked, and fully utilized. We tan the leather ourselves using an ancient method called brain tanning. The beauty it creates is much different than current modern methods using machines and chemicals. The leather is intimate and has a distinct and natural authenticity to it. It is a reminder of the good road humanity has traveled for so long.


We make all natural, medicinal, metal-free, eco-friendly, sustainable, conscientious wearable art (just to mention a few of the good search terms for today). All of our products are purely Nature sourced with respect, gratitude, and love. The stones we find are collected personally, one at a time, during long wanderings through the various environments we visit. A modern day medicine woman journeyed to Helen's spiritual landscape where she received a message from the stones. Called the stone people, they said, "What she is doing with the stones is very good. To have stones worn near the heart is a very good thing for humans and much needed. Tell her to call out to us, to ask us for guidance. We will guide her. Tell her that what she is making is medicine for people. These are healing stones." Our jewelry is comforting, supportive, and healing. We have a relationship with the materials we use, we love them deeply, and we have learned they have intended people they belong with. Thank you so much for paying attention to what we do, we realize it is one of your most valuable currencies as a person. All our best to you! 

We make no claims as to the types of rock or stone we find and use.  We only make a claim to them being beautiful, natural and one of a kind.

Thank you for visiting! We hope you like what you see and feel. We long for a planet where all of us live more harmoniously with each other and our surroundings. That is our mission here on Earth to help make that happen. It is why we came.