What is a Natural Free Human Being? November 20 2014

When you take off your civilization, you are a Natural Free Human Being.

Most never even consider they are wearing a civilization and much less think about taking it off. I wear mine, I now see I am wearing it. I plan to find out how much of it I can take off before I transition (i.e. die).

I used to see civilization as part of me. Now I realize it was something put onto me... an outfit replete with its own artificial problems and bad design. The longer I look at it, the closer I look at it and all of its pieces, the more ridiculous it appears! It is the reverse of The Emperor's New Clothes... the ultimate joke is thinking we look good in this attire; which is to say, we think this civilization feels good, fits well, serves us, and makes things easier.

Natural Free Human Beings do not live this way. They do not praise fear, they do not hoard, they do not undermine one another, they are not enslaved, nor do they enslave or lord over one another, they do not hurt or abuse themselves, they do not abuse their extended selves. Your extended self is your family, your fellow peoples, the air, water, plants, animals, and land, as well as the unseen energies and spirits... everything.

Natural Free Human Beings have dignity, know creation and abundance, they share, they follow the good, they follow nature. They encourage all to shine and they are full of respect and gratitude. Natural Free Human Beings do not have a need for written laws because the laws of truth, as seen in their hearts and in nature, are known and it feels right and good to follow them. Natural Free Human Beings help one another to follow the good and the correct, and it is easy to follow.

Next up... How to become a Natural Free Human Being.

With love and gratitude,